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Sycamore has a proud history of citizens serving the United States of America. Creating the “Sycamore Grove, a Tribute to Veterans” is an opportunity to honor the many veterans that have represented Sycamore and Sycamore families in serving our nation.

As the Mayor of Sycamore, it is a dream that I have had since my election to honor veterans in a way that will last for years to come. I have seen in other areas the idea of a tree as a symbol of honor to a veteran. A tree that is planted as a young 2-inch plant will grow as it matures. As these trees grow, they experience all kinds of adversity but will endure and become majestic trees to be enjoyed. Our veterans have also experienced adversity and have given us our America, like our majestic trees, to be enjoyed.

Sycamore Grove is an opportunity for families, friends, or citizens to financially support this project or have a tree dedicated to a veteran in his/her name. It would be my hope that as generations grow and mature, they can visit the Sycamore Grove and enjoy these trees and recognize those that have served to make our country our home.

President John F. Kennedy said, ” My fellow Americans  ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Veterans have given and our Sycamore Grove is a place we can honor and appreciate their gifts.

Curt Lang
Mayor of Sycamore
September 2019

Here is a closer look at the plan: